Windows 8 can be tried 90 days for free

Microsoft is already preparing the final release of Windows 8. The new version of operating system is available for IT professionals and software developers who have TechNet and MSDN subscriptions. Regular users can download a  valid 90 days trial version for Windows 8. [download link here]

 Version that you can install is Windows 8 Enterprise. Also, it should be noted that the operating system is available in multiple languages and versions for 32 and 64 bit.
The new OS brings some fairly significant changes. Thus, users will have to learn some new gestures to be able to do in Windows 8.

Apparently, most of the commands can be performed with the mouse but users who are accustomed to working with the keyboard needs to learn a few shortcuts.

 The latest version of Windows replaces your desktop with a screen where applications are arranged in columns. Also, Windows 8 provides a new functionality of Windows button: brings users to the home screen.

These are just some of the changes brought by Windows 8. It is clear, however, that will require some adaptation from users, especially regarding orders.

If you want to test the new operating system, you may do so by visiting the following link.

Also, if you have patience and want to try the trial version you should know that you have to reinstall the operating system when the final version will become available to all users. Windows 8 will make its market debut on 26 October this year.


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